Sometimes we think things

We dont say out loud,

And these thoughts somehow

Find their way across some ethereal paths or realms to another.

You realise that later on,

It somehow becomes obvious

By the way they act, by the tone of their voice, by cold aloofness of their demeanour.

It’s a realization no one knows how it really works, but it works it’s way into the heart.

Then you realise that your anger, your pride, your weakness was stupid once it subsides.

If it reached the other than that other can linger in it while you moved on, while you changed your mind and saw your mistake.

Such are we, the humans.

Transponders of thought and feelings.

Some of which are called for, some of which are not.

And you repent. You forgive. Your soul flies again.

But that other receiver does not know that you forgave or just leaves you be.

I hope they don’t think they are any different or better.

Regardless, once you let go, once you forgive, everything makes a different sense.

It’s all new for you.

Pray it is all new for them too.

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