You are uttering my thoughts
Because we share the same feelings.
It is totally unlike the Wuthering Heights,
But it is quite like it sometimes.
Strange non-resemblance.
Fiction pouring itself into reality as if we are merely players in a lunatic’s chessboard.
My river of discontent and yours run side by side, wild and furious.
I don’t know where these two rivers end or where they meet, if ever.
We so pine for something ineffable we cannot touch, but it’s there in the corner of our eyes.
A glimpse of a teardrop which is just an irondrop really, heavy as the world that we carry.
I wanted to tell you to stop painting with black and white and sombre tones and gray nuances.
I wanted to tell you that life is everywhere and in everyone,
Experience is in the palm of your hand

Just as a plain oyster hides a gem. I know you think me overly excited and a damn optimist, it’s irritating I know.
“Don’t be a child”, but that’s the only thing it seems I know how to be
Now – a child.
There is no trace of evidence of that child I wish to be.
And you managed to preserve it somehow. Hope you will teach me.

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